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Elevate your outdoor living experience with a stylish and practical pergola or trellis from B&G Awnings in Miami. Contact us today for customized solutions that fit your unique style and property needs.

Miami Pergola Installation: Create Your Perfect Shady Outdoor Oasis

Are you looking for some shade in Miami, FL? Look no further than B&G Awnings. Our expert team can design and construct a custom pergola that meets local building codes. With a range of materials and designs available, our structures provide both style and durability. Start enjoying the outdoors in comfort and style with a custom pergola from B&G Awnings. Contact us today to begin your design process!

Take your patio to the next level

Enjoy Miami’s weather without sunburn – get a stylish pergola from B&G Awnings. Our expert team designs and constructs high-quality pergolas that meet local building codes. We offer various materials and designs that fit your style and property needs. Contact us today to start designing your dream pergola or trellis.

Our premium-quality pergolas and trellises are made from durable aluminum and come in modern and traditional styles. With expert craftsmanship and customization options like lighting and fans, you can enhance your property’s value while enjoying the outdoors in style.

Don’t stay indoors – contact B&G Awnings today. Our team can help you design, construct and install the perfect pergola or trellis for years of shade and style.

Choose from a variety of premium-quality pergolas and trellises made from durable materials like aluminum, available in modern and traditional styles. Enhance your property’s value with expert craftsmanship and customization options, such as lighting and fans, for the perfect balance of form and function.

Don’t let the Miami sun keep you indoors – contact B&G Awnings today to start designing your dream pergola or trellis. Our team can help you construct and install the perfect structure for years of shade and style.

Build a Better Outdoor Dining Experience

If you own a business with outdoor space, you want your customers to be comfortable while they use it. Unfortunately, an uncovered patio is not going to create the best experience, especially if you own a restaurant, bar, or event space. You need a place where patrons will be comfortable throughout their stay, and that means offering a shaded area with cover from the sun. At B & G Awnings, we can help you build a better outdoor experience for your customers, by constructing a pergola to create a shady refuge while still allowing customers to get fresh air and the experience of al fresco dining.

Request a Free Estimate

No matter whether you are a home or business owner, our pergola team has the experience to create a beautiful outdoor space at your property. We start each project by designing a custom solution based on your needs and the space we have to work with. All projects are completed by our licensed and insured team, who adhere to all local building codes. Please contact us today to discuss your project or to request a free estimate.

Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces